About Us

Hey guys! Thanks so much for visiting Superficial Style! I’m Eden Kate, and no I don’t have 2 first names.. my last name is Lipman! (I have another middle name, but that’s a secret) (just kidding, it’s Elise) and I was born in Utah, right outside of Salt Lake City. Oddly enough, we moved when I was about a year old and I’ve never been back! I started my blog in 2015, as an online diary. Back then it was really more of a word vomit onto a webpage. 

Now, I continue to share my life, wether it be the trip I just landed from, latest fashion finds, or my favorite beauty products! I love connecting with people, and this blog really helps me do that!

Don’t let the name fool you, Superficial Style is more than just surface. I want my blog to tell the story that ‘hey, it’s okay to feel good, or pretty, or thin, or thick, or freckled because I’m beautiful’. Being a little superficial is an act of self love.

In a world full of self doubt – sometimes it’s okay to be a little superficial.

I’m an ordinary girl who likes extraordinary things- all things fashion, travel and beauty related.  I’m currently residing in Miami Florida, and I’m happy to be back in the “Sunshine State”.

You can contact me anytime by using the below form.