So in the midst of trying to lose a fucking inch off my hips to continue on in the lovely line of business I’m in, I’ve found a delicious addiction that I’m constantly eating… Salads, Smoothies, and Sushi. Found at your local Whole Foods, everything is made fresh that day.


Usually consist of spinach or kale, topped with mango quinoa, beets, and purple cauliflower. Light and easy.


I’m a stickler for the “lean green protein” with rolled oats, cinnamon, kale, Apple, and celery. Good&good for you!


I love a good tempura roll every now and then, but the fried fish isn’t too terribly healthy so I try to stick to the raw spicy tuna selection. Top it off with some wasabi and ginger and boom! your metabolism goes up.

friends who eat healthy together are friends who get skinny together…