So as you know, last weekend was Miami Swim Show, and I was modeling for Shore. I didn’t even get a chance to recap Miami because it was utter insanity. All I have to say is that it was AMAZING and I definitely need to do something in fashion for my career. Being surrounded with all those people who love that lifestyle was overwhelming, but in the best possible way. The clothes, the people, the parties, everything! Anyways, after we left on Monday night i had the next few days in which I promised myself I wouldn’t even TOUCH a bikini-since I had changed into so many kinis roughly 4,500 times over the weekend (not including the many outfit changes I went through trying to figure out what to wear at night!) Anyways, I treated myself to “Five Guys” and I ate to my hearts content! It was definitely worth it, but now I’m back to my daily grind. My latest workout routine is running about 2 miles, then coming home and doing some simple yoga (On Demand with Rodney Yee) and then following that up with some meditation-also hosted by Yee. I’m not much of a “yogi”, definitely more of a Pure Barre girl, but I do like the way it sort of wakes up your body, especially for a morning routine! I’m so glad I got a little time to re charge, but time goes by so quickly, and I have so much happening in the near future! I recently got some AMAZING news, but can’t quite share it yet!